Estimating Foundation Loads
      Sep 11

      This post is going to cover a simple, easy and fast method to calculate the load take down in a structure.

      Calculate the Weight of Steel
      Aug 7

      The weight of steel is one of the most important metrics available for consumers, designers, project managers and well everyone.

      Concrete - The Basics
      Jan 19

      Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials in the world.

      Is The Wall Load Bearing?
      Dec 6

      Open floor plans are become more and more common in buildings since they create a lot more light and offer flexibility.

      How To Calculate and Draw Shear Force Diagrams
      Nov 29

      Shear force is an extremely important phenomena in structural engineering and also useful for mechanical, civil, aerospace and others (so don’t worry if you’re not the best).

      How to Calculate the Centroid
      Sep 27

      In this post we will explore the centroid, it will be full of information in text, equations and pictorial forms with examples that are solved step by step to help you understand and apply equations to calculate the centroid of a shape and the first moment of area and most importantly, why we need too!

      First Moment of Area
      Sep 27

      In this post, we will be learning why and how to calculate the first moment of area.